Oldest Asian Trees!

Some of the oldest trees found in Asia are given below: An ancient bristlecone pine Ancient trees in Asia are among the oldest living organisms on Earth. The oldest tree – an ancient bristlecone pine – lives high in the White Mountains of eastern California, USA. The exact location is kept a secret to prevent … Read more

The Oldest Surviving Culture

The Dolní Vestonice people have been identified as the oldest known human culture of its type in Moravia, a modern region that includes the Czech Republic. The settlement apparently housed a population of 50 people or more and had a remarkably complex technological repertoire for this period – including ceramic kilns for ceramics and pottery … Read more

Where Are The Top 10 Oldest Universities Located

The oldest university in the world is the University of Bologna, which was founded in 1088. Other universities that are older than the University of Bologna include the University of Oxford (1096), the University of Paris (1150), and Cambridge University (1209). While these universities are all quite old, they are not the oldest universities in … Read more